Organization European
AFS Meeting 2009

Personale tecnico laureato

UNIVERSITÀ degli Studi "Roma Tre" cell. (aziendale) 87372
Dipartimento di Informatica e Automazione phone +39 06 5733 3240
Via della Vasca Navale, 79; 00146 Roma (Italy) fax +39 06 5733 3211
Interests related to computers:
Recent publications:
  1. European AFS Workshop 2010 at Pilsen (Czech Republic) (slides or print)
  2. European AFS Workshop 2009 at Rome (Italy) (slides or print)
  3. European AFS Workshop 2008 at Graz (Austria) (slides or print)
  4. Franco Milicchio and Wolfgang Alexander Gehrke
    "Distributed Services with OpenAFS (for Enterprise and Education)"
    Springer 2007 (errata)
  5. German-speaking AFS-conference 2006 at Hohenheim (Germany) (slides or print)
  6. IBM Linux Technical Briefing 2004 at our department (slides or print)
Possible projects
OS related
explore OpenBSD and Nexenta from an AFS perspective
Programming related
automate various AFS related tasks using Prolog and OCaml
Other topics
improve the web infrastructure with a CMS and other packages